Nowadays, online certifications fill in the gaps for most professionals as prior background in IT helps you throughout your blockchain career. In fact, it’s standard practice for many companies to hire certified professionals. Finding the right institution that equips you with the skills and awareness needed for daily tasks is the first step in that direction so I’ll help you figure out where to start looking.

Firm knowledge and prior experience go a long way when making your choice so recognizing a worthwhile investment of time and resources will help you progressively more as you move forward in your career. To that effect, here are some of the best blockchain certification out there-

Blockchain Council: They act as a front of growth for Blockchain Research and Development within corporate enterprises. Their intent is to move away from traditional, centralized technology to embrace the future of distributed ledger systems. Their Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) program is a comprehensive training certification, designed to give candidates a competitive advantage when they are seeking jobs. It is a course which covers blockchain across all levels of difficulty.

Mindmajix Blockchain Course: This online learning platform has provided many number of training classes through online. It also provides corporate training classes on Blockchain and many other courses. You can register for a free demo and choose you training scheduled as your wish.