PlusToken Digital Money Wallet

1. Plus Smart Dog Risk-free Smart Brick Handling Arbitrage (10% - 20% monthly income).

2. Free access to funds, no locks, no restrictions.

3. Income comes to account every day and is uninterrupted throughout the year.

4. Plus currency transfers are exempt from handling fees and support offline flash payment.

5. Only absorb powder, no circle of money (smart brick on-line 50,000 US dollars).

6. The only three public chains in the world are supported without switching.

7. The second largest wallet in the world, with registration covering all countries.

8. plus is the first decentralized STO exchange in the world.

9. Plusstoken version 2.4 is completely de-centralized wallet.

(Assets can be recovered with private keys by a third party without worrying about capital security)

PLUS TOKEN Wallet Apple Download:


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